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Hope for Today and Tomorrow

Today, we are less than two weeks into the new year...and we are in the middle of a Government shutdown because of the wall and the financial well being of so many are being affected, found out yesterday my friend and brother's sister has just passed on from this side to the other. Another friend of mine and her family is saying goodbye to her father today. A young lady is making arrangements for her mother's homegoing service, yet there is a woman that is mourning the death of her brother as he was murder in prison this week. Several individuals have had surgery or currently in the hospital right now, we are waiting and preparing for a snowstorm this weekend and churches, businesses and many individuals don't know what to do. And I can go on...and on. These are just a few things that are going in the lives around me. And I realize this may not seem like o to some. But to so many others, this is way too much...and unexpected. Many of us were told this is going to be our season...this is going to be the best year yet...and yes we were told we are going to walk into our promise land. And now less than two weeks in, this is what see...pain, anxiety, hurt, and chaos.

First, remember God loves you. I know it does not feel like love. Believe me, He does. For God so loved the world...He cares for you...the bible is his covenant document to his people to declare his love to you and me. We are unable to describe His love. There is nothing on earth we compare to his love with...your mother's love doesn't even come close. Remember God really loves you!

Secondly, take a moment to breathe. Yes, breathe. As everything is going on around you, we must remember God is there in the middle of our situation with you. The Bible says God will never leave us or forsake us. He is riding this thing out with you. Just calm down...and watch the Lord work.

As I close this out, I want to leave you with hope. Hope is essential to get through these kinds of situations. Hope is the ingredient that propels us into victory and faith. Oftentimes, we are already defeated in our minds. The battle is going on...and will continue to go on, we must develop our faith to walk into things that we don't see at the present moment...but know it is right there before us. We must believe that our faith in God and what He has said will bring us through anything that will be presented to us in 2019. Notice I have not mentioned the devil, not because he is not real, but because he has no power over you and your situation. We must walk in faith and seek the Hope of Glory in our lives! AMEN!

Have a great awesome week...and a victorious year!!! ~ DrGLBeechSr.


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