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The Forgotten Assignment

As another year comes to an end. And a new year begins. I want to take this moment to reflect and challenge the body of Christ at large to commit themselves to the assignment which was given to each of us. The assignment is not building kingdoms to ourselves, lust after and buy everything our soul may desire, and to covet things that rightly belong to others. We have been so distracted with our materialistic and emotional surroundings. We have forgotten our first love, Christ. Jesus commands in Matthew 28th chapter to make disciples in all nations and to baptizing them in the name the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and to teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. I believe that the depression of many, the lack within some individuals lives, the spirit to seek more stuff, and the desire watch and contribute to downfall of others within their personal and professional lives has contribute to the damaged to souls and spirits of those that confess Jesus as Savior and Lord. THE PROMISE is if we make disciples, teach them and baptize them...God will be with us unto the end of the age...EMMANUEL. Look out for someone else and watch God look out for you and yours. ~ Dr. B


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